Awakening Inside The Matrix

This article describes Awakening, Teachers and the Matrix, and a way to consciously connect to your Self.

Following my last Avalon article, a reader reported a profound Awakening:

Reader Reports Profound Awakening

I really enjoyed your article, The Pursuit of Happiness, in Avalon. I had the same experience of 'I think I am enlightened' a few hours after reading it. The feeling has lasted 24 hours now, including a big day back at work after a holiday. So I'm hoping it will persist!

Who knows? It doesn't feel like I'm fooling myself. I still have moods and get tired, even angry, but the sense of a deep well of love and peace within me seems to be in place....

I have a photo of Ramana Maharshi in my study and now he looks at me and says, 'Mm, you see what I mean!' and he laughs! Ha!

Hotting Potatoes

Awakening happens when you simply recognise your true identity. It is a natural, blissful and effortless state. It's remarkable that it does not happen more often. Typically seekers tend to visit teachers for many years, gently cooking on the inside like jacket potatoes, before they make sense of who they are.


When the time is ripe, a phrase, a look or a barking dog can be the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle -- the thing that tips you over 'The Edge'. What Edge? The Edge of Who You Always Thought You Were.


Teaching is like playing Kerplunk, the game where marbles are held in the air by a network of straws. Each time you visit a teacher, another straw is pulled out, until you eventually lose all of your 'marbles'.

Game Over

And then 'The Game' is over. 'Losing ones marbles' is slang for 'losing ones mind', and is equated with madness. However, the mind is the origin of much of the madness that we see in the world. By contrast, the heart is the source of much of the beauty that we witness around us.

Wait for The Pause......

There was a sign at the Rajneesh Ashram: 'Leave your shoes and minds at the door'. This means: 'Be still. Be quiet. Pause.'

And pause a bit longer...

Empty Space

Awakened Teacher Morihei Uyeshiba founded Aikido, a spiritual martial art. He could lead any attacker into empty space. In one demonstration, he slipped out of a circle of American Military Policemen who were intent on restraining him.

Control Freaked

You are not in control of your mind. It controls you. You are not in control of your behaviour -- your mind is.

Mind Control

Demonstration: Can correctly report what your third thought from now will be?

Body Control

You are not in control of your body, either.

Demonstration: Can you prevent your body from yawning, sighing, coughing, sneezing, scratching and fidgeting -- forever?

You are aware of thoughts, bodily sensations, emotions and intuitions.

Optical Illusions

What is that 'You'? Feel it.

That 'You' is Consciousness, your true Self -- which is aware of everything that is currently in your field of awareness.

Can you see the world as it is? Why do optical illusions exist?

The Rules

The mind uses rules to interpret the packets of light that the optical nerves receive. Artists have to turn off the visual rules, to see the world as it really is. But there are also behavioural, perceptual and emotional rules. They were installed at birth.

Can you turn all the rules off?

(Remember to stop at red lights.)

What's your name?

You have a rule: 'My name is...' - That rule is in your mind.

Where are you?

Do you point to your body because it is the object through which everyone connects with you?

Do you feel alienated?

If you stop trying to change the way you are, then, and only then, will you feel completely accepted, and at home.

Do you know who you are?


Pause a moment. It will become apparent. When you look at a 3D picture, comprised of many apparently random coloured dots, after a while a picture emerges. It has always been there.


Defocus. Relax your mind. Something amazing happens. The mists of confusion clear. Being, which is the totality of reality -- everything that you could possibly be aware of in this very moment -- begins to shine brightly. It is seen as light in the perceptual field. It appears to be on the inside and the outside.

If you do not see light in this moment, it does not matter; it is there anyway. It is an epi-phenomenon. It becomes visible as awareness expands, but it can get distracting, so it gets tuned out. Lights are more frequently associated with mystical experiences than Emptiness, which is just as fundamental, because they sound more comprehensible.

My Awakening

During my own Awakening, there was light in every nook and cranny of my room, mind, heart and body. There was no darkness anywhere. My eyes were closed but I could see that in the middle of the room was a single naked light bulb. It seemed to say, 'This experience, just like this light bulb, is no big deal.'

More Light

People have seen light coming from me and themselves during meetings. One person saw light coming from their body, and another flames from their fingertips. A Christian man I met on Glastonbury High St now sees light everywhere. (And he still complains about it.) I saw a luminous white fog around John de Ruiter after a long conversation. He said 'Your inner eye sees the Truth that it hears.'

Ten years ago, I felt balls of light hover in and out of the top my head. It felt spacious and comfortable. My companion reported the same. It resembled the scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind where UFOs dance above a mountain.

Such encounters with Light are inevitable. Just when you least expect it -- there it is! You are surrounded by Light. You exist in your Being. It is all energy.


The unawakened mind blocks such experiences, by employing filters in the same way that, in Star Trek, the Starship Enterprise uses force-field shields to repel alien communion (xenophobia?), and James T. Kirk gets to stay, and think, like an American (and thereby misses out on Cosmic Consciousness).

The unawakened mind is cut off from the universe. It is in darkness. However, the universe is acting on the rest of your being. So while you sleep on the beach, your body is getting a tan, or sunburn.

Another example: your mind tells you that you want to eat a large Mississippi Mud Pie, but your stomach knows better, and vomits the lot up.


Your Identity, which is a sub-program of your mind, also gets your body into trouble on a daily basis. When you feel bad about thinking certain thoughts or having certain feelings -- that is the Identity getting upset. It then causes mental and emotional confusion, even paralysis, and dumps toxins, creating chaos in the physical system.

It also creates fatigue by using up valuable mental energy, to rationalise away common experiences like intuition, synchronicity and healing. Why does it bother? Upbringing!

The Illusion

The Awakened mind is open to the true nature of reality. The unawakened mind is closed. Locked into its own private cinema, it actively generates the Illusion, the vision of what it wishes reality would be. The Illusion, or the Matrix, is the dream that pulsates through the neurons of all conditioned human beings.

The Matrix

In the movie The Matrix, Keanu Reeves dreams that he leads a normal life. But, in reality, he has been in a coma from birth. His body has always been used to provide bio-energy for 'The Matrix', an Artificial Intelligence program that replicates itself in the minds of men.

Fortunately, a group of rebels liberate him from his watery grave, a sensory deprivation tank-cum-battery cell. He then realises that he never was an office worker. It had all been a dream, and waking up is looking like a nightmare.

'The Oracle', an average-looking housewife with divinatory powers, predicts that Keanu is 'The One', i.e. he will smash the Matrix and free all enslaved beings.

But first he has to discover his full potential. He cannot fulfil his mission until he transcends the Matrix's physical laws. The Matrix, by controlling the mind, can kill the human body. He risks his life, liberty and sanity every time he enters it.

Is that what happens every time you go out into the world?

We do not choose our destinies.

I never wanted to be a spiritual teacher. I used to change my religion on an hourly basis. I could not teach because I knew nothing. Now, I have to teach, whether I like it or not. When I go to sleep, I am still teaching. Everything radiates energy. All energy is information. Everything is educating everything else!

The Ancient Hindu scriptures suggest that Awakening is rare. However, Awakened teachers appear to be everywhere nowadays. Osho Rajneesh sought to create a Buddha-field comprised of enlightened beings.

Has that time has arrived?

Awakening has always been here. It is your Self.

Your Being resonates with all Enlightened energies because you are Enlightened.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Discomfort arises when you try to compress the infinite being that you are into the finiteness of the human identity that you pretend to be. The whole of reality is the Truth.

Have you ever been destructive to yourself or others?

When the Identity cannot accept reality then it screams 'This is cannot be true', and does violence to anything or anyone that contradicts it, including its own mind. [Does anyone remember John McEnroe's outbursts on the tennis courts?]

Now, for just one moment, accept everything that you are aware of.




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